About Garinoti

Since 2006, we have started building tailored-made shirts, chinos, blazers and suits with a small team of 7 tailors in Saigon. Today, we have a factory with 95 tailors in Song Than industrial park, we are currently not only offering tailored-made garments, but mass production also . Uniforms and promo items are within our range that you can look for at the moment. The factory is now fully equipped and this helps us to response to customers’ requirements a lot better than ever. With our skillful tailors, you can expect to have good quality garments with very easy quantity (any quantity) orders.

Besides that, you can also customize the garments to the style that you like, or putting your own designs / labels on the garments as you have created.

We have 300+fabric designs and 100+ colors of thread for embroidery / printing. Customers can always find suitable garments with us.

I hope this works for you, our esteemed customers

Thank you
Garinoti International team